Interested Harvard Law students can email to learn more about getting involved with HNLR and to sign up for our newsletter. This page will also be updated with locations and times for upcoming HNLR information and training sessions.

Available Positions

  • Subciter: Check the Bluebooking of footnotes and the content of sources to ensure that they support the relevant text. The next subcite will take place in early spring semester. We allow subciters to work remotely and can accommodate subciters with schedule conflicts.
  • Technical Editor: Review the work of subciters and double check Bluebooking and content of sources. Also conduct textual edits.
  • Submissions Committee Member: Read and discuss articles and notes submitted for publication.
  • Symposium Committee Member: Assist Symposium Chairs with various tasks in preparing for our annual symposium, including promotion and planning events with panelists.
  • HNLR Online Team: There will also be opportunities to get involved with our blog.

Contact the relevant member of our Executive Board or email us at with any questions or if you would like to join our mailing list and be notified of events and sign-ups.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for upcoming HNLR events, including dates for our fall subcite!