This week in ADR: January 29-February 5

It’s hard to believe that we’re already into February 2012.  But, as Colum McCann would say, the great world spins on, and with it comes ADR news.

  • Over at the New York Times, Gretchen Morgenson opines on why a $1.38 million arbitration award still didn’t satisfy one bitter investor.
  • Any of us who haven’t blocked middle school out of our memories entirely will recall that conflicts during those years can be just as contentious as any on Wall Street.  Luckily, peer mediation programs can offer hope.
  • Mediation also showed up halfway across the world, as peacemaking teams attempt to rid Yemeni towns of Al-Qaeda militants.
  • One ex-CIA spy is not optimistic that negotiation will result in a deal with Iran over nuclear weapons.
  • For the brave physicians of Doctors Without Borders, however, negotiation sometimes provides their only chance of carrying out their important work in conflict zones.
  • But on a lighter note, perhaps we all can take a few tips from the persuasive genius of Liz Lemon.
See you next week!

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