Volume 20
Spring 2015

Federal Arbitration Act Preemption of State Public-Policy-Based Employment Arbitration Doctrine: An Autopsy and an Argument for Federal Agency Oversight. E. Gary Spitko


Standards of Legitimacy in Criminal Negotiations. Wesley MacNeil Oliver and Rishi Batra


Mindfulness in the Heat of Conflict: Taking STOCK. Leonard L. Riskin and Rachel Wohl


Med-Arb and the Legalization of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Brian A. Pappas, Ph.D.


Calling for Clarity: How Uncertainty Undermines the Legitimacy of the Dispute Resolution System Under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Bernadette Maheandiran


Bargaining in the Shadow of the “Law?” —The Case of Same-Sex Divorce. Jeremy Feigenbaum


The Peculiar Case of the ARA Libertad: Provisional Measures and Prejudice to the Arbitral Tribunal’s Final Result. Thomas E. Robins


Volume 19
Spring 2014

Living with ADR: Evolving Perceptions and Use of Mediation, Arbitration, and Conflict Management in Fortune 1000 Corporations. Thomas J. Stipanowich and J. Ryan Lamare 1
Bargaining with Consequences: Leverage and Coercion in Negotiation. Paul F. Kirgis 69
  Yeah, But Did You See the Gorilla? Creating and Protecting an Informed Consumer in Cross-Border Online Dispute ResolutionAnjanette H. Raymond 129
Mediation v. Case Settlement: The Unsettling Relations Between Courts and Mediation – A Case Study. Mordehai Mironi 173
Class Action in the Age of Twitter: A Dispute Systems Approach. Jeremy R. McClane 213
Preserving Negotiation Whilst Promoting Global Order: Should We Bargain with Salt-Water Devils? Lucas V.M. Bento 285
Resolving Cultural Property Disputes in the Shadow of the Law. Grant Strother 335


“Son be a Dentist:” Restorative Justice and the Dalhousie Dental School Scandal by Annalise Acorn

The symposium on the theory and application of restorative justice held by the Harvard Negotiation Law Review in February prompted a renewed look at restorative justice not merely as a new method of achieving a familiar understanding of justice but as a new theory of justice itself.


Negotiating the Non-Negotiable: National Security & Negotiation

It requires little reflection to recognize that the word “terror” has saturated popular and academic discourse. This newly prominent yet age-old form of warfare has redefined the modern legal landscape on a domestic and international level, while simultaneously striking fear in the hearts of millions.


Stiffing the Arbitrators: The Problem of Nonpayment in Commercial Arbitration

There is a hole in our arbitral system. Despite being among the most efficient and prevalent means of resolving commercial disputes, and one generally favored by courts, arbitration is dangerously susceptible to the problem of nonpayment.


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Restorative Justice: Theory Meets Application

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